We need worship for our spirit, fellowship for our soul- Larry Norman. Family Fun Night was a huge success, and as Norman sagely noted, our souls felt uplifted and fulfilled by the evening of inter-generational fellowship. We played games, dined on chili cheese dogs, nachos, freshly air-popped popcorn and ice cream sandwiches, and engaged in quick rounds of bible-themed word searches. It felt like a village, with young children toddling about and Baby-Boomers and Millennials working collaboratively in what quickly became intense and entertaining rounds of BINGO! We want to give a shoutout to Scot Smith for being our Big Bingo Caller; Debbie and Loretta for their support with setup and breakdown, Brenda for adding the special treat of air popped popcorn, Phil for keeping track of BINGO numbers, and to all of those who brought guests to the event. We look forward to hosting quarterly Family Fun Nights, so keep an eye out for the next family fellowship night in October!

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